LATEST: The Phil Spector murder trial has heard testimonies from two women who were with the music producer on the night he is accused of fatally shooting actress Lara Clarkson. Rommie Davis, a childhood friend of Spector, yesterday (10May07) told the Los Angeles court that on 2 February 2003 they had dinner at the Grill On The Abbey, where Spector drank two daiquiris. Davis said she was worried about Spector because they had also dined together the two previous evenings and he had been drinking heavily. She told the hearing, "I was very concerned about him. He took medication. He took medication and I knew that alcohol and medication is a lethal combination. "Phillip did not usually drink when I went out with him. He was not his usual self." Davis said Spector took her home shortly after 11pm. She added that he had never threatened her, and that she had never seen Spector with a gun. The second witness, Grill waitress Kathy Sullivan, told the jury how she went to nearby nightclub Trader Vic's with Spector and then onto another club, Dan Tana's. Sullivan testified that Spector drank navy grogs and daiquiris at both venues. They then went onto the House Of Blues, where Spector met Clarkson for the first time. Earlier in the day, Spector's attorney Roger J. Rosen questioned Melissa Grosvenor, who on Wednesday (09May07) testified the producer had threatened her with a firearm in 1995. Grosvenor confirmed Spector had never let her hold a gun, or placed a firearm in her mouth. She also agreed she never checked to see if the gun Spector allegedly wielded was loaded, and that it had not been fired. The trial continues.