LATEST: A forensic scientist has told the Phil Spector murder trial that there was no blood spray on the carpet or on the wall near the body of shooting victim Lana Clarkson. Criminalist Steve Renteria told the Los Angeles hearing he searched for blood spray using Luminol, a chemical that can detect otherwise invisible blood. During his testimony yesterday (11Jun07), Renteria said the lack of blood spray suggests something could have blocked it. He also told the court Spector and Clarkson's DNA were found on a pair of brandy glasses in the music producer's house, and that tests on her wrists yielded her DNA and that of a 'minor donor' who was Spector. Renteria, who was being questioned by prosecutors, said that not finding Spector's DNA on the gun didn't necessarily mean he didn't touch the weapon. Spector is accused of the fatal shooting of Clarkson at his home in February 2003. He has pleaded not guilty and claims Clarkson committed suicide. The trial continues.