LATEST: The jury at Phil Spector's murder trial has heard how actress Lana Clarkson lived for "several minutes" after she was shot. Spector is accused of the fatal shooting of Clarkson at his Alhambra, California mansion in February 2003. He has pleaded not guilty and claims she committed suicide. Renowned criminalist Michael Baden told the court the evidence indicates the actress shot herself, although she would have still been alive for a few minutes prior to her death. Baden claims blood splatter on Spector's jacket proved it was Clarkson who fired the fatal shot. He told the Los Angeles court, "It was a self-inflicted wound. "An injury in the mouth is almost always self-inflicted. And the injury to the acrylic on the thumbnail is consistent with other injuries to thumbs in persons I have seen who use the thumb to discharge a weapon." However, Baden admitted that he was unable to determine whether the gunshot was intentional or accidental. The trial continues.