The most damning evidence against troubled music mogul Phil Spector, as he faces charges of killing actress Lana Clarkson, could come from the producer himself - in a revealing new book. Spector is currently on trial for shooting Clarkson in the foyer of his Alhambra, California mansion in 2003. And, while prosecutors and jury members attempt to unravel Spector's state of mind at the time of the tragedy, the last journalist to interview the producer before the Clarkson incident thinks he might have the answers. British writer Mick Brown spent four hours interviewing the mogul at the scene of the crime in December, 2002. The in-depth chat was part of a London Daily Telegraph assignment, but now Brown has turned Spector's words and thoughts into a new book, Tearing Down The Wall of Sound: The Rise + Fall of Phil Spector, in which the producer reveals he has had a history of mental illness. According to Brown's book, the mogul told him he spent years on the brink of insanity at the height of his career, stating, "I was crippled inside. Insane is a hard word, but it's manic depressive, bipolar... I've been a very tortured soul." Spector continues, "I have not been happy. I have devils inside that fight me. And I'm my own worst enemy."