Troubled music producer Phil Spector is suing the high-profile attorney he fired, claiming he duped him into paying $1 million (GBP555,500) to cover legal fees.

Spector, who stands accused of murdering girlfriend Lana Clarkson, alleges ROBERT SHAPIRO strong-armed him into paying a fortune in legal fees when he was in no fit mental state to agree to his terms.

Spector recently fired Shapiro, who was a member of OJ Simpson's defence team, calling him "incompetent" and now he wants the retainer he paid him back in full.

In court papers filed in Los Angeles, Spector claims his ex attorney "took advantage of his state of mental stress" when he co-erced the producer into paying a $1.5 million (GBP833,000) non-refundable retainer.

Spector maintains he "had not been able to take his prescribed medication used to stabilise him mentally, and was unfit to sign such an agreement."

11/07/2004 10:35