Record producer Phil Spector's longtime engineer sidekick has warned the music mogul to play down his eccentric nature in court - or face the wrath of the jury. LARRY LEVINE fears Spector's odd look and nature will become a major factor as he's tried for the 2003 murder of actress Lana Clarkson, who was found dead from a gunshot wound at the producer's California home. As California lawmakers and the curious get set for a lengthy trial, which will begin with jury selection later today (19MAR07), Levine has warned his old boss to appear normal at all times during the courtroom drama, which will be televised. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Levine says, "Everyone will watch the trial. How can you not? "I just hope that his appearance won't hurt him. I hope he doesn't wear one of those terrible wigs that make him look so strange." Prosecutors in the trial will attempt to prove that Spector wasn't hindered by prescription medication when he told police and his driver that he had accidentally shot Clarkson immediately after the February 2003 tragedy. The producer's defence team lawyers will maintain their client did not know what he was saying in the chaos after the incident, and that Clarkson committed suicide, shooting herself with one of Spector's guns.