Another homemade video by an accused killer has turned up on national television -- this one made by music producer Phil Spector, who is now being tried for the 2003 murder of actress Lana Clarkson. In the video, broadcast Wednesday on Inside Edition, Spector denies that he killed Clarkson, saying that the 5-foot-11-inch woman "was standing when she took her own life" and that since he is only 5-foot-five, "it would have been physically impossible for me to have administered the death wound to her." At another point in the tape, Spector called testimony by four women who claim that he had threatened them with a gun "nonsense." He said the women "just want to get on Inside Edition ... and they want to make money." He then held a $100,000 check before the camera and challenged the women to take lie-detector tests. "Here's a chance to make money," he said.