The forensic scientist who the Phil Spector murder trial judge last week (24May07) ruled removed and hid a potentially vital piece of evidence has defended himself against the "slanderous attack" on his character. Los Angeles Superior Court judge Larry Fidler ruled Dr. Henry Lee will not be held in contempt of court for taking a fingernail-sized object from prosecutors, and jurors will not be told he isn't a credible witness. Lee has always maintained he is innocent of taking a missing fingernail from the crime scene. Prosecutors claim the nail would show victim Lara Clarkson resisted having a gun placed in her mouth. The doctor is now considering legal action. In a statement, Lee says, "It is clear the motive for this slanderous attack is a tactic to kill the messenger before the message is delivered. "There are obvious and major discrepancies related to conflicting observations among the witnesses. "As I stated several times before, I did not find a fingernail nor did I take any fingernail-like material from the scene." Lee adds that he has "all the documentation and records pertaining to what I did and what I collated at the scene... If necessary, I can and will make it public to protect my good name and my professional reputation." Spector is accused of the fatal shooting of Clarkson at his Alhambra, California home in February 2003. He has pleaded not guilty and claims Clarkson committed suicide. The trial continues.