Phil Spector is unlikely to face a jury again for the alleged murder of actress Lana Clarkson until spring 2008, according to the music producer's legal team. Judge Larry Paul Fidler declared a mistrial on Wednesday (26Sep07) after hearing the jury was split ten to two after 12 days of deliberation and six ballots - and unable to break their deadlock. Spector was accused of murdering Clarkson in his Alhambra, California mansion in 2003. The trial began in April (07) and featured 77 witnesses. After the mistrial was declared, officials at the Los Angeles District Attorney's office immediately stated they will retry the 67-year-old. And despite Fidler's insistence for a prompt hearing to swiftly schedule a retrial, Spector's lead attorney Roger J. Rosen announced on Thursday (27Sep07) that he will not represent his client for a second trial. He said, "I signed up for one tour of duty, not two." If Spector hires a new team of attorneys, it's likely they will be given several months of prepare their case. Spector lawyer Christopher J. Plourd, who has yet to decide if he will continue to work for the producer, says, "It would take at least six months for any lawyer to get ready. This is a very complicated, serious homicide case."