LATEST: Music producer Phil Spector claims he couldn't have shot actress Lana Clarkson dead, because he is too short to have delivered the death wound. In a video filmed in 2005 and which aired on US TV on Wednesday (16May07), Spector claims that at five-foot-and-five-inches (1.66 metres) tall it was impossible for him to have fired the fatal shot that killed Clarkson, who was five-foot-and-eleven-inches (1.81 metres) tall and was six-foot-and-two-inches (1.88 metres) tall with her high heels on. In the tape, shown on US TV show Inside Edition, Spector says it would have been "physically impossible for me to have administered the death wound to her in any shape, way or form." Spector is accused of fatally shooting Clarkson at his home in Alhambra, California in February 2003. He has pleaded not guilty at his current murder trial, claiming she committed suicide.