Record producer Phil Spector remains an innocent man for the spring holiday after jurors in his murder retrial failed to reach a verdict in court on Friday (10Apr09), before the Easter recess.
Media groups thought a decision was imminent when the panel agreed to meet briefly on Good Friday after deliberations were cut short by illness on Thursday (09Apr09), but the two-hour get together ended without incident.
The panel is expected to resume deliberations on Monday (13Apr09). Jurors were handed the case following lengthy closing arguments on 26 March (09).
Spector is accused of shooting actress Lana Clarkson at his Alhambra, California mansion in 2003.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler has told jurors they can consider convicting Spector of involuntary manslaughter instead of second-degree murder - an option not available during Spector's first trial, which left the jury deadlocked 10-to-two in favour of conviction in September 2007.
Spector, who remains free on bail, maintains Clarkson shot herself.