Phil Spector's lawyers fear the rock producer has been indicted by a secret grand jury for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, meaning his case will head straight to court.

The music pioneer was asked to attend a Los Angeles hearing on Monday (27SEP04) - which his legal team fear will mean an indictment.

Such a development will enable prosecutors to avoid a hearing that would require them to show enough evidence to bind Spector over for a trial.

Spector's attorney ROGER ROSEN says, "I can't imagine any other reason to be there.

"Phil is very disappointed. He felt strongly that there was a very significant possibility this case would be thrown out at the prelim, so he's very disappointed that he's lost the chance."

Spector was charged with murder last November (03) for the fatal shooting of the 40-year-old blonde at his Los Angeles home in February (03).

Prosecutors say police found blood and gunshot residue on Spector - as well as evidence he had cleaned and moved the gun after the event.

23/09/2004 14:05