LATEST: A Los Angeles judge has ruled that evidence key to Phil Spector's murder trial should be made public.

The legendary music producer's legal team had argued that releasing the 1,000 page transcript of the Grand Jury hearing, which decided that Spector should stand trial for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, would prevent a fair trial.

But the prosecution team said the documents should be made public, and argued that Spector was a relatively unknown figure to younger people while Los Angeles residents are more than accustomed to celebrity trials.

Now Judge LARRY PAUL FIDDLER has ruled the transcripts should be released but gave the defence 10 days to appeal against the decision.

Bruce Cutler, a member of Spector's legal team, described the document as being 'full of lies'.

And ROGER ROSEN, another lawyer acting on behalf of Spector, commented about the subject of newspapers' attempting to get the transcript released, saying, "They will go out and sell their newspapers. But this will have an effect on Mr Spector's life."

Spector is currently free on $1 million (GBP555,000) bail and has repeatedly denied shooting Clarkson at his mansion in Alhambra in February 2003.

11/11/2004 17:32