LATEST: Lawyers for Phil Spector have urged jurors to acquit the music producer of murdering Lana Clarkson, insisting there is no scientific evidence linking him to her death. Speaking in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday (06Sep07), lawyer Linda Kenney-Baden accused the prosecution of wanting to convict Spector of the B-movie's actress' death at his Alhambra, California Mansion in 2003, because he is a celebrity. Kenney-Baden suggested the absence of forensic evidence on the sleeves of the jacket worn by Spector on the night of the killing show he did not fire the lethal shot. She said Clarkson's blood and tissue would have sprayed out of her mouth like a "bazooka" but the lack of matter on Spector's jacket suggests he was standing too far away to have pulled the trigger. Kenney-Baden also criticised the prosecution of turning the trial into a "stage show". She said, "The government want you to ignore the lack of scientific evidence, which is woeful in this case, and instead create a stage show in this court room where cute jokes, tall tales, theatrics, what ifs, possibilities, embellishments, speculation and salacious scandal fit only for gossip rags, replaces the lack of forensic evidence." Spector's team will complete their closing argument on Friday (07Sep07), which will be followed by a rebuttal from the prosecution before the judge offers instruction and sends the jury out to deliberate their verdict.