Phil Spector's legal team have claimed the actress who the producer is charged with murdering in fact killed herself.

Lana Clarkson died of a single gunshot wound while at Spector's mansion in 2003 and the music legend is again on trial for her murder, after a first jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict in 2007.

While prosecutor Truc Do claimed this week that Spector is a "demonic maniac" and a "very dangerous man" around women, the 69-year-old's defence lawyers say Ms Clarkson's death was self-inflicted.

Spector's attorney Doron Weinberg showed the Los Angeles court 14 pieces of forensic evidence to strengthen his claims, including gunshot residue, DNA and blood spatter.

"Mr Spector did not kill Lana Clarkson. That's what the evidence shows," he told the court.

Mr Weinberg had earlier requested a mistrial - which was rejected - saying Ms Do had attacked Spector's character, and said the prosecution's case "relies on the starting proposition that Phillip Spector is a bad person".

While Mr Weinberg claimed the blood spatter evidence proved his client's innocence, Ms Do cited the same evidence as proof that Ms Clarkson could not have killed herself.

"[Spector] can wash his hands clean of her blood but he can't wash them clean of her murder," she added.

Spector faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of murder, but could receive a four-year sentence if the jury chooses an involuntary manslaughter verdict.

25/03/2009 10:16:42