LATEST: A waitress has told Phil Spector's murder trial the music producer was "angry in general" on the night he is accused of shooting dead actress Lana Clarkson. Sophia Holguin served Spector in Los Angeles club House Of Blues' exclusive Foundation Room just hours before establishment hostess Clarkson was found dead at his Alhambra, California home on 3 February 2003. Holguin yesterday (15May07) told the LA court that Clarkson didn't initially know who Spector was, accidentally referring to him as '"Miss Spector". She testified she asked Clarkson to seat Spector in the Foundation Room, where she was working, because of his reputation as a big tipper - that night, Spector tipped $450 (GBP225) on his $13.50 (GBP6.75) bar tab. Holguin told the hearing, "He was very, very agitated and very fast-speaking, a little slurrish." She said Spector tried to order a second, high-alcohol Bacardi 151 drink, but was refused because it was later than 2am, the time the bar stops serving alcohol. At one moment, Spector saw Clarkson fluffing pillows around the room and, according to Holguin, said, "She won't stay still. She's like f**king Charlie Chaplin." When defence attorney Roger Rosen asked Holguin if Spector became angry when she declined his offer to join him for a drink at his home, she said, "Not angry with me, he just seemed angry in general." During Rosen's questioning, Holguin also revealed how Spector instructed her to divide his $450 tip around particular staff members who had served him that night.