Damning new evidence from a retired New York cop could help prosecutors put Phil Spector behind bars after he recalled a chat with the music producer as he was escorting him from one of comedienne Joan Rivers' Christmas parties. Prosecutors feel VINCENT TANNAZZO's testimony could help them prove beyond a doubt that Spector pulled the trigger on the gun that killed actress Lana Clarkson at his home in 2003. The producer's defence team insists Clarkson committed suicide and that a medication muddle led to a befuddled Spector telling his driver and police that he had killed his house guest. Tannazzo, who was among the security detail at Rivers' home on the nights of the parties, tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper that Spector told him he often thought about shooting women, adding, "That's why I got permits for all over (sic). Wherever I go, I always keep a gun." The retired cop claims that comment was part of a 10-minute rant Spector delivered about his dislike of women as he was escorted from the party, where he had been behaving badly, and into his awaiting limousine.