Phil Spector's wife misses their sex life.

Rachelle Spector - who at 28 is 41 years younger than her husband - revealed she has been pining for him since he was jailed for 19 years for the murder of aspiring actress Lana Clarkson last month (29.05.09).

She told the LA Times newspaper: "We had sex. We were doing it all the time."

The former waitress, who married Spector in 2006, after he had been charged with murdering Clarkson by shooting her in 2003 at his mansion in California, also said she sits in the chair in her home next to where Clarkson died "all the time," adding: "Why wouldn't I".

Speaking about her husband's incarceration, the aspiring singer said: "He's locked in a five by nine foot cell 23 hours a day. They treat people worse than animals. I want that known."

She also laughed off claims she was a 'gold digger' and had only been with Spector over the last six years because of his money.

Rachelle added: "Younger woman, older man, gold digger, whatever. I don't take anything from my husband, and I never have. I'm a good person, but people don't see any of that or know how hard I work."