The murder investigation surrounding music producer Phil Spector will be loosely covered in an upcoming episode of American TV detective show LA DRAGNET.

Actor Ed O'Neill, who plays JOE FRIDAY in the series, says the show has taken an edgier turn by covering subjects slightly more shocking and edgy than usual.

He explains, "There's a lot of interesting stories, some of them are pretty tough, and some are kind of shocking.

"One episode is about a woman who's shot during a sexual act with a gun that was being used as a (sex toy). We're trying to figure out who put the bullet in the gun.

"It's loosely based on the Phil Spector Story."

Spector was arrested in February (03) in connection with the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson at his California home.

The musician was recently quoted in ESQUIRE magazine as saying that Clarkson, who was found shot in the head, had "kissed the gun" and ended up killing herself.

The case is still under investigation and Spector, who has not been charged with any crime, remains free on $1 million (GBP625,000) bail.

16/09/2003 21:14