A video of a key witness in the trial of music producer Phil Spector has been shown to the court in Los Angeles.

The video of Adrian de Souza, who was Mr Spector's driver, showed the witness questioned by detectives soon after the death of B-movie actress Lana Clarkson.

Mr Spector is accused of murdering Ms Clarkson at his Los Angeles mansion. The Music producer denies the charge.

Ms Clarkson was found dead with a gunshot wound to the face; she starred in B-movies such as Barbarian Queen.

Mr de Souza had earlier told the court that Mr Spector had left his house holding a gun and said "I think I killed somebody".

In the video from five hours after Ms Clarkson died in 2003, Mr de Souza was seen giving evidence to police.

Mr Spector's defence team has suggested that Mr de Souza struggled with English and was groggy at the time of the alleged murder.

The defence attorney suggested there were inconsistencies in Mr de Souza's descriptions but the chauffeur insisted that the phrase "I think I killed somebody" was definitely used.

The jury was previously shown a picture of Ms Clarkson dead in a chair in Mr Spector's house.

Mr Spector is attributed with developing the pioneering 'wall of sound' recording technique which he used with the Beatles and on John Lennon's solo material.

The trial continues.

23/05/2007 16:20:07