Phil Spector's chauffeur has told a Los Angeles court that The Music producer admitted to killing somebody the night Lana Clarkson was found dead in Spector's home.

Adriano De Souza, who was Spector's driver, said he was sitting in his car outside the music producer's mansion when he heard a "pow".

He said Spector then came out of the house holding a gun and told Mr De Souza: "I think I killed somebody".

Mr De Souza also said that Spector had blood on his hand when he told him what had happened and that when he entered the mansion he saw blood on Ms Clarkson's face.

Spector is accused of murdering the B-movie actress Ms Clarkson at his LA home. The producer denies the charges and his defence team says the actress shot herself.

Mr De Souza delivered his testimony at the end of the day's court session and he is the only witness who claims to have been present at the time of Ms Clarkson's death.

Spector is credited with the creation of the famous 'wall of sound' recording technique which made regular recordings sound clearer and louder on the radio.

He worked with musicians such as the John Lennon and famously produced the Beatles' Let It Be album which was later stripped of his production by Paul McCartney in a re-release.

The trial continues.

16/05/2007 15:24:51