British rocker Phil Collins is looking forward to giving up touring, so he can have more time to spend with his children.

The AGAINST ALL ODDS singer is currently on his last ever tour, and he's looking forward to slowing down his hectic lifestyle to concentrate on being a parent.

He says, "If I didn't stop now, I'd be touring until I die, and I have a three and a half-year-old who's starting school in '06 and another baby due in November. I need to be here for that.

"So, the time has come to readjust. But I'm not retiring. I'm still going to make albums and write and make videos and even do the occasional concert. But the touring aspect where you pack a bag and say goodbye for what amounts to years - that's finished for me.

"I'm at the stage where we fly our own plane an stay at the best hotels. There's no hardship. I love it. I'm not quitting because I ate it. This is me as a human being with a personal agenda. I realised I want to be here for my kids."

24/08/2004 21:10