The former Genesis star divorced Orianne Cevey in 2008 and spent a few miserable years living alone in her native Switzerland, slowly drinking himself to death.

Last year (15), he relocated to Miami, Florida, so he could be closer to their sons, and it appears the big move has brought Collins and his ex closer together.

In a new Billboard interview, the rock star, who is working on a comeback following back surgery, says, "I'm actually back with my third wife. I haven't really talked about it. We've been together for a while, and nobody's noticed."

Collins also opens up about the problems he faces when Cevey left him and took their kids to America.

"I had retired to be with my kids in Switzerland, but then they left to go to Miami with their mom," he recalls. "I'd wake up, turn the TV on and have a glass of wine. You look up at the end of the day and you've knocked off a couple of bottles - and you're still sober!

"I spent way too much time horizontal. It started to be bad for my body. I almost died. My organs were beginning to shut down. But I'm all right now."

Phil boasts he's now in his third year of sobriety.

Collins also has grown-up kids from his previous marriages to Andrea Collins and Jill Tavelman, the mother of the rocker's actress daughter Lily.