Phil Collins has ''lyrical ideas'' for a new album.

The 'In The Air Tonight' hitmaker hasn't released new music since his 2002 album 'Testify', 16 years ago, and while he has been pottering around in his home studio he shares with his wife Orianne Cevey, he hasn't had the chance to translate them to music yet but has plans to record the songs in the near future.

Asked in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine if making new music in on the cards, he said: ''I will have to. Someone said yesterday it's been 16 years since a new album. I didn't realise it was that long at all. I do have a little studio in my house.

''There is myself and my Mrs. and we have an office in the same room, so the busier the office is the less chance I get at going in there.

''I make notes. I've got lyrical ideas. I make notes and I keep them in a place that at some point I'll get to them.''

The 67-year-old drummer - who spent a decade in semi-retirement due to a dislocated vertebrae in his neck before making his return to the live music scene last year - credits his ''patient wife'' with allowing him to complete solo work, his time in the band Genesis and various collaborations.

The 'Against All Odds' hitmaker is releasing four-CD boxset 'Plays Well With Others' on September 28, which spans his duets with the likes of Eric Clapton, ABBA, Robert Plant and Sir Paul McCartney in the 80s.

Asked how he manages it all, Phil said: ''I had a patient wife, I guess.

''It was one of those things where - and I mention this in the sleeve notes - it was like Mr. Incredible on the way to his wedding seeing something happening and thinking, 'I can do that. I've got time for that.'

''A lot of it was just great playing opportunities. That's really it. Obviously, there's only 24 hours in my day. If someone called me and asked me to do it and I had the time available, I'd do it.''