Orianne Cevey split from the British rocker in 2008 after nine years of marriage, and landed one of the biggest divorce payouts in U.K. history, banking $46.76 million (£37.5 million).

She went on to wed Miami, Florida property developer Charles Fouad Mejjati, but they split in 2015, and Orianne subsequently reunited with Phil.

However, before the break-up, she and Charles both signed a post-nuptial agreement which grants her estranged husband a big chunk of her fortune - and she is heading to court to dispute the legality of the contract.

Orianne maintains Charles took advantage of her use of painkillers after spinal surgery, and had her sign the post-nuptial agreement in May, 2015, while she was legally incompetent.

A five-day trial is due to begin in Miami on 24 April (17), and according to DailyMail.co.uk, Phil is expected to be called to the witness stand to testify about what he knew of Orianne's mental state at the time of the contract.

He already sat down with her lawyers in January (17) to be questioned about the case.

Under the terms of the post-nuptial deal, Orianne, 43, must hand over her $10 million (£8 million) mansion in Miami Beach to Charles, as well as half of the property value of her home near Geneva, Switzerland, which is up for sale for $62 million (£50 million), and child support for their six-year-old son Andrea.

A source tells the outlet, "Their post-nupt is so one-sided that she wouldn't have much left once it's over."

Orianne is hoping to wrap up the trial quickly so she can finalise her divorce from Charles, leaving her free to wed Phil, the father of her sons Nicholas and Matthew, again in the future.