Phil, 65, came out of retirement earlier this year (16), returning to performing five years after declaring his career over.

The former Genesis drummer released his autobiography Not Dead Yet last month (Oct16), with the book recalling the break-up of his five year marriage to Andrea, the first of his three wives, which ended in divorce in 1980.

His 65-year-old ex says his account of their marriage is riddled with untruths however, alleging the musician even failed to correctly remember the place where they married.

"Even the most basic facts have become distorted," she tells the Daily Mail newspaper. "For instance, Phil and I married in a Catholic church in Epsom, Surrey - yet in his book it says the location was a register office in Acton. This is one of many examples."

She also says her former husband's return to the spotlight has caused her distress, adding, "Until this year I thought everything was in the past and I was finally able to be my own person - until Phil returned to performing and released his autobiography, which raked it all up again.

"When I see stories about me written in the papers, with Phil blaming me for our marriage break-up, I'm no longer a person who's lived a varied, fulfilling life. I feel I'm a character in a play about a famous person."

Phil famously used a 1981 performance of his song In the Air Tonight on British TV chart rundown Top of the Pops to antagonise his ex-wife.

The star took to the stage with a paint pot on his piano, a reference to the fact she had an affair with a painter and decorator.

Andrea says that decades later she still does not like listening to the U.K. top ten hit.

"I was watching that night and felt sick," she explains. "I knew it was a message to me, but I was horrified it was so public. It's fair to say I'm not a fan of that song."

She also feels that the break-up of their marriage has been misrepresented by the press, as she alleges Phil was also guilty of adultery.

"As anyone who has gone through a divorce will know, it is a heart-rending business," she says. "It never really came out that he'd cheated on me, too - and our divorce was granted on the grounds of his adultery, rather than mine."

Earlier this year (16), Phil revealed he had reunited with his third wife Orianne, almost eight years after they divorced.