Phil Collins is refusing Disney's request to campaign for an OSCAR for his BROTHER BEAR film score - and won't even vote for his own songs.

Collins, who secured a Best Song ACADEMY AWARD in 2000 for Disney's TARZAN, has been asked by the studio to fly to Los Angeles from his Swiss home to whip up enthusiasm for the new film - but the veteran rocker believes the effort would be futile.

He explains, "I don't live in LA and I'm not going to travel thousands of miles to try to talk people into voting for me or twist their arm. That's not my style.

"The year I won I was up against Randy Newman and he campaigned really hard. But Randy had been nominated nine times before and never won, so I don't think it's the best approach - people like a bit of modest restraint."

And the former GENESIS star bizarrely won't even vote for himself in the ballot of Academy members next February (04).

He explains, "I don't vote for myself, I never have. I might have won by just one vote, then it would be worthless. I don't vote, I don't tell my friends who to vote for and I don't campaign."

02/12/2003 13:34