Former PANTERA star VINNIE PAUL has slammed ex-bandmate Phil Anselmo for ill-advised comments he made in an interview before his brother DARRELL 'DIMEBAG' ABBOTT was shot dead. Anselmo insists the comments he made in British rock magazine Metal Hammer, in which he stated Abbott deserved to be "beaten severely", were misquoted, but angry Paul has tracked down the tape of the interview and insists the rocker should feel "very guilty". The bitter Pantera star made the comments about ex-bandmate Abbott just before the bass player was gunned down during a DAMAGEPLAN concert in Ohio in December, 2004, and Paul claims the interview could have incited the shooting. Paul rages, "He said it word for f**king word... and the kind of s**t he said is the kind of s**t that might incite the guy who did this. "Phil called me when he was trying to get into the funeral and left me a message that said, 'I can prove to you I didn't do that interview.' "(But) I got the f**king audio files, man. Anyone that wants to hear them, I'll be happy to play them for you. So he ought to feel really f**king guilty any way you slice it."