Musician Pharrell Williams has blasted the media for misinterpreting his admiration for rock daughter Jade Jagger and turning their friendship into a romance.

Part of producing duo The Neptunes, Williams was romantically linked with SIR Mick Jagger's model-turned-jewellery designer offspring last year (03) - but claims the press exaggerated their relationship.

FRONTIN singer Williams explains, "I bought a necklace for her (Jagger) and they (the media) turned it into something totally different.

"I mean, I never wanted to be a blemish in her life.

"I adore her, she's a sweetheart but I never wanted to be, like a rumour.

"I just admire her work and they focused more on the fact that I'm a man and she's a woman.

"It wasn't that. Although, I mean, she's definitely fine as hell."

22/03/2004 17:53