Pharrell Williams found shooting Mariah Carey's upcoming paparazzi chase music video enlightening, because he had no idea of the lengths some photographers will go to. The ex-N*E*R*D frontman plays Carey's boyfriend in the promo to Say Somethin', which was filmed in Paris, France last week (ends17MAR06). In the video, the couple are pursued by photographers on scooters - and real paparazzi chased Williams and Carey during filming too. Williams tells MTV, "That's just a regular day in the life for Mariah, probably. "I'm a low-key guy, so there's no paparazzi under the studio console, or in my apartment, or jumping out of my pool. I'm just not into it. "So it's weird when you have these people running up, especially in Paris - they're on Vespas, doing wheelies, and it's wild."