N*E*R*D star Pharrell Williams is one of the world's most popular hip-hop producers - but his life won't be fulfilled until he settles down with a wife and children.

The enigmatic musician - who's currently working with Wu Tang Clan's OL' DIRTY BASTARD - has been linked to a series of high-profile beauties, including Jade Jagger and BRITNEY SPEARS - but all Williams wants to do is start a family.

He says, "The only thing I need now in my life, man, is my wife. I'm close to JESUS. I got the job that I want. My mom and dad are happy.

"My little brother is pro out there in San Diego, skating for two different companies, and my baby brother is doing well in school.

"Wherever you are, baby, it's written already. Let's find each other. Let's steal away, take the kids out of school and go to DISNEY WORLD. I'm there now."

But first, Neptunes member Pharrell will have to complete work on his STAR TRAK PRESENTS CLONES project - which features top names Nas, Kelis, Jay-Z, DIRT McGIRT and Usher.

15/05/2003 13:46