Pharrell Williams wants to ''inject purpose'' into songs.

The 'Happy' hitmaker believes there's more to him than just making catchy tracks because his main objective is to create music that makes people feel good.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, he said: ''It took me a minute to find my purpose. I knew something was missing, and then I realised, 'OK, you're able to make music; now you have to inject purpose.' I want to make music with something extra to it - a holistic property.

''I want to make it feel good. I'm not the only one doing this ... the distinction between sounding amazing and feeling amazing - that's the thing. People, I think, are looking for a feeling.''

Meanwhile, 41-year-old singer - who has written songs for the likes of Robin Thicke and Daft Punk in the past - credits his five-year-old son Rocket for his success, but also thinks a change in the music world has helped too.

He explained: ''I just think the world felt cold for a second and we were making music that was callous. The internet is responsible for all this connectedness, but bad news travels faster than good.People were inundated with tragedy and travesty, and then it was like, what are we so mad about?''