Pharrell Williams thinks Miley Cyrus and Daft Punk were ''gracious'' for agreeing to collaborate with him.

The 'Happy' hitmaker worked with the 'Wrecking Ball' singer and French duo, along with Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys, on his new album 'G I R L', and feels blessed he managed to get so many stars to feature on the record.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''Yeah, you call them and say, 'Hey, I need you', and they were all very nice and gracious enough to do it.

''I wanted people who emoted when they do what they do, it needed to be more than just their great voice and how it sounds.''

The 40-year-old star, who was nominated for an Oscar for his track 'Happy' from the film 'Despicable Me 2', knew he wanted the new record to be ''visceral and urgent''.

He explained: ''I knew I wanted it to be celebratory and festive. It's the album I've always dreamt of making. It's a love story, and that's why the album is made for human beings, it's made for everyone. It's just that my muse were women.''

The singer is pleased his fans have reacted well to the solo record and feels lucky to have had so much support.

He added: ''It's pretty awesome and I have the people to thank, because they lifted me this high.''