Pharrell Williams will only work with the ''masters'' of fashion and beauty.

The 41-year-old star is launching a unisex fragrance named 'Girl' with Comme des Garçons and admits he only seeks collaborations with the very best in the business so he can learn new skills from them.

He said: ''When I do a collaboration with brands, I do them with notable masters, so that I can experience the true purpose of collaboration, which is to learn. So I only work with masters.''

The 'Marilyn Monroe' hitmaker recently launched a range of sportswear with Adidas, as well as his I Am Other collection at Uniqlo, and has now hinted he's likely to pursue more collaborations in the future.

He told ''I work with all the masters because it allows me a crash-course into not only who they are as people, but into their art from, and their craft. So that's pretty cool.''

Pharrell's fragrance features notes of white pepper, iris, styrax and violet and he explained it was Comme des Garçons ability to create a wood based scent for 'Wonderwood' that made him want to work with them.

He added: ''I was enamoured by [Comme's] ability to deliver wood to the masses in the way that they have.''