Pharrell Williams' wife is his ''everything''.

The 'Happy' hitmaker couldn't help but gush about his spouse Helen Lasichanh and praised her for carrying their four children.

Speaking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he said: ''I have to say, my wife carrying those babies - and all of them are fine and healthy - man, I cannot say enough about women and all kinds of burdens that they carry and the gifts that they carry. My wife is everything. She's the best.''

Meanwhile, the 44-year-old singer previously insisted women can save the world.

He said: ''I don't know what I could do, but I know if women wanted to, they could save this nation. If women wanted to, they could save the world.

''Women have a lot to carry, right? Including the entire human species. That's deep. And still they don't have an equal say on this planet. That's insane.

''Meanwhile, their feelings are suppressed, their spirits are oppressed, and their ambitions are repressed ... The female contribution to anything significant has always been historically dismissed or discounted, or often erased.''

Pharrell had previously opened up about his family life, revealing he loves spending time in the sea in his hometown of Miami.

Writing a piece to mark World Oceans Day, he shared: ''Of all the elements, the one I identify most with is water. I grew up in Virginia Beach. I live in Miami. I love boats and I adore being out in the ocean - it's the best feeling in the world. Sometimes I feel like I live on water. Most of my ideas come to me in the shower and the sea always inspires my work. So you can see why water is a huge inspiration to me. It's important for us to act because the ocean is what we all live off - it's our everything and we cannot afford to hurt it.''