A badly-organised launch party for Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes' new album meant the artists themselves were shut out of the event.

Party promoters for the event at PIER 59 in New York on Tuesday night (19AUG03) kept ARISTA record company executives, musicians and journalists shut out of the bash for ATTACK OF THE CLONES, while celebrities including JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE partied inside.

According to website PAGE SIX, a source says, "Arista gave thousands to the party promoters to throw this event, and the door guys wouldn't let any Arista people in.

"People were pushing and screaming."

And, according to a representative for Pharrell, the multi-talented musician himself was left annoyed by the chaos.

They say, "We were disappointed with how the door was run. Pharrell took all the guests stuck outside to PLAID later."

21/08/2003 13:22