NEPTUNES superproducer Pharrell Williams has picked out the woman he wants to settle down with - and he's attempting to lure her through his music.

The BEAUTIFUL rapper's pal Nas has become Pharrell's inspiration to find the perfect romance, because of his engagement to CAUGHT OUT THERE singer Kelis.

And Williams is now determined to find a soulmate of his own but the object of his desire will have to listen to his songs to know she's the chosen one.

He says, "I recently had a conversation with Nas, and he said that he felt like his fiancee, Kelis, is his Yoko Ono.

"I'm the same way - I'm looking for my Yoko. Last year (02), I thought this girl was 'the one', but she chose another guy.

"I'm writing to her on different records. Hopefully she'll know I'm talking to her."

13/08/2003 01:47