LATEST: Hip-hop star Pharrell Williams has parted ways with REEBOK, weeks after filing a lawsuit against the sportswear giant.

Neptunes producer Williams had stirred expectations among fans when he signed with Reebok in December 2003 to launch his ICE CREAM footwear and BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB (BBC) clothing lines.

But just a year later, things turned sour when his company sued for more than $4 million (GBP2.1 million) last month (DEC04), alleging that Reebok failed to produce clothing to BBC's approval standards and failed to distribute the clothing to stores by an agreed deadline.

And now Williams and Reebok have decided to go their separate ways, with the company continuing to sell the Ice Cream sneakers until 30 June (05).

Williams says in a statement, "Reebok and I both understand we have very different visions for my clothing line, BBC, and my sneaker line, Ice Cream. I have learned a great deal doing business with Reebok, and it has been a great experience. I am pleased that we can part ways amicably and am excited to launch my line independently."

The star is expected to announce future plans for both lines shortly.

19/01/2005 02:58