Singer and producer Pharrell Williams is dazzled by diva Beyonce Knowles' little sister Solange's singing skills.

The N*E*R*D star has been helping the 16-year-old with her latest album and believes that she will be the R+B sensation of 2004.

Williams says, "Solange is a sweetheart. She is so young yet so talented. A lot of kids don't see what you're trying to do when you work with them.

"They're either in love with you and will do anything you say, or they're a bit rebellious because they know they're really talented even though they're very young. But Solange gets it. She's so bright."

Solange has already toured as a dancer with Destiny's Child, co-produced three songs on Kelly Rowland's solo record and recorded her own debut album, SOLO STAR, featuring a star-studded group of collaborators, including Timbaland, The Neptunes and Linda Perry.

21/05/2004 17:17