Introducing Phantom: Download Free New Track 'Kisses'

Introducing Phantom: Download Free New Track 'Kisses'

Here's introducing Phantom and their spectral electronic pop.

in January 2012, Phantom blossomed from a mutual love of Flying Lotus, Radiohead, The Cinematic Orchestra, Gold Panda and James Blake shared by two Helsinki music tech-startup entrepreneurs. Hanna Toivonen draws on her background as a formally-trained jazz singer/songwriter to cut a stylish, mesmerising figure as Phantom's soulful frontwoman, perfectly complemented by Tommi Koskinen's nocturnal electronics and beats.

'Kisses' is their latest enchanting track, replete with a sample from Satie's 'Gymnopédie no. 1'. Download it from the link below 

The Finnish duo released their debut EP and music video, 'Scars', in Spring 2012. The track gained Pitchfork's attention and the admiration of The xx, who have tipped Phantom several times this year since picking 'Scars' for their curated video show on ABC's 'Rage'. Phantom's dynamic and atmospheric live show, incorporating stunning real time visuals as generated by their own handmade midi theremin called UFO has gotten people excited all around the world. Following on from their SXSW debut, Phantom have played at London's Ja Ja Ja and Finland's Music and Media towards the end of 2012.