Phantom Of The Opera star Emmy Rossum is offering advice to her peers who hate being the target of the paparazzi - host parties at home and stay away from the trendiest bars. The pretty star is baffled when she hears other actresses like moan about being 'stalked' by photographers, because she insists it's easy to avoid the flashbulbs. The sensible actress says, "If you want to avoid the paparazzi you can... If you go to the Coffee Bean + Tea Leaf (coffee shop chain) on Sunset and Fairfax (Los Angeles), you're going to get your picture taken. "If you eat at The Little Door (media-unfriendly Los Angeles restaurant) or a trillion other great restaurants, you won't have a problem." Rossum also suggests behaving yourself is another key to staying off the pages of the tabloids. She adds, "I don't live a life that encourages attention. What am I worth to the tabloids if I'm not sleeping around or falling down drunk?" She prefers to do her wild things at home, surrounded by her closest friends, like Walk the Line star GENNIFER GOODWIN, adding, "I'll have a big barbecue, invite people over and we'll all throw each other in the pool. The club scene just isn't me."