The Asian tsunami disaster last Christmas (04) helped supermodel Petra Nemcova beat her addiction to laxatives.

The Czech model has revealed she spent the months leading up to her Thai vacation, which saw boyfriend Simon Atlee killed in the natural disaster, trying unsuccessfully to beat her pill-popping habit.

But, after spending eight hours clinging to the top of a palm tree with a shattered pelvis, Nemkova admits she made a pact with herself to stop taking the drugs for good.

She tells America's Self magazine, "I began taking them (laxatives) at the end of 2002. Eventually, I was up to six a day and feeling incredibly drained.

"Like many models, I'd been told I needed to lose 10 pounds, and even though I was getting a lot of positive feedback about my appearance, I wanted my stomach to be smaller.

"Finally, I reached a point where I felt weak and exhausted, so with Simon's encouragement, I started tapering from six pills to five, and so on.

"I took the last pills a few days before the tsunami. Now I treat my body with the respect it deserves. There's so much suffering in the world, I don't want to inflict more on myself for no reason."