Supermodel Petra Nemkova is determined to lead a double life after surviving December's (26DEC05) tsunami in Thailand with broken legs and a smashed pelvis - to honour her dead boyfriend.

Photographer Simon Atlee's body was identified on 3 March (05) after he was swept out to sea by tidal waves that left his girlfriend clinging to the top of a palm tree for eight hours.

And now the Czech Republic model is planning to live a better life, and never forget her dead partner.

She says, "I got a second chance to live, so, in a way, I feel that I live for both of us."

Speaking in her first TV interview since the tragedy - on US news show PRIMETIME LIVE, Nemkova admits she did think about giving up her fight for survival as she clung for life.

She adds, "You just start (to) swallow the black water... It was quite peaceful in that moment, because I thought, you know, 'That's it. All right.'"

09/03/2005 21:20