Czech supermodel Petra Nemkova will forever be indebted to the men who put her welfare before their search for missing family members in the wake of the tsunami disaster in Thailand.

The SPORTS ILLUSTRATED model had almost given up on her hopes of survival after clinging to a treetop naked for eight hours as tidal waves and debris crashed past her.

But then a little human kindness gave her the will to fight through the pain - and now she's determined to return the act and do everything she can to held the rebuilding effort in the resort where she was holidaying when the tsunami struck.

American newswoman Diane Sawyer, who has landed the first posttragedy interview with Nemkova, says, "She's completely naked at the top of this tree and the branches are sweeping down and she's given up because the sun is getting ready to set. She said it was a sunset that was all blood.

"A Thai man and some Swedish men come through and they had lost family members and babies and they were still going out to help everybody else.

"They got her down (from the tree) with her shrieking in pain... they put her on a mattress that is floating and float her out because carrying her would have been impossible.

"She said at one point one of the Swedish men took a little baby's wings - one of those little plastic things that lift up babies - and gave it to her to put it under her. It was from his baby."

Nemkova's exclusive interview with Sawyer will air on PRIMETIME LIVE in the US tomorrow night (09MAR05).

09/03/2005 03:07