Petra Ecclestone has bought late TV producer Aaron Spelling's old house.

The Fashion designer - whose father is billionaire Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone, who is worth a reputed $4 billion - has purchased the 57,000 sq ft French chateau-style mansion in Los Angeles, which was dubbed the most expensive home In America because of its $150 million asking price.

Widow of the 83-year-old TV producer - who was responsible for 'Beverly Hills', '90210', 'Melrose Place' and 'Dynasty' - Candy Spelling is thought to have accepted a much lower price for the property, which was built on the site of Bing Crosby's former house, but the final sum was not disclosed.

The house - which sprawls over five acres - has been on the market for the last two years and contains more than 100 rooms and enough car parking spaces for 100 vehicles.

Petra - who already owns a £56 million six-storey Grade II listed house in Chelsea - plans to split her time between America and London.