Actor Peter Weller is studying to receive his doctorate in art history at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

The RoboCop star is finishing up his graduate degree at the prestigious college and the 65 year old, who plays Starfleet Admiral Marcus in new movie Star Trek Into Darkness, reveals he presented his thesis to faculty members on the same day as his latest Los Angeles film premiere (14May13).

He tells New York Magazine, "I filed it in October (13), but one of the most beautiful days I ever had in my life was the other day, when I had to present 45 minutes of my dissertation in front of most of the European history department at Ucla - on the very day that Star Trek premiered.

"I had to take the day off from directing an episode of (U.S. Tv series) Longmire and fly in. Thank God for Paramount (Pictures), 'cause they sent the car early to take us to Ucla first.

"My presentation is 50 pages of the dissertation - 45 slides. This is a very nerve-racking thing, because they can fry you. The bureaucracy of academia makes the movie business look like Mary Poppins, man; the movie business by comparison is cream cheese.

"So, I stand up, my beautiful wife is there. And I have a Star Trek white light experience before I start talking. All the pressure lifts. It's like I've been lifted into a parallel world. I do this thing, and it's fantastic, and the questions afterward are fantastic. I go out, on cloud nine, right to the Star Trek premiere."