The new biopic of British comedy legend Peter Sellers has been given the approval of the actor's son, just months after he attacked the film.

MICHAEL SELLERS, 50, condemned The Life and Death of Peter Sellers when the film adaptation of Roger Lewis book began shooting last year (03) - dubbing the novel "unintelligible rubbish".

But Sellers has mellowed after being granted a private screening of the film, which stars OSCAR winners Geoffrey Rush and Charlize Theron as his father and stepmother BRITT EKLAND - because it is nothing like the book.

He says, "To be honest, it seems they only used the Lewis book for the title more than anything else.

"It's a good movie. Geoffrey Rush is very good. I met him and he's very nice, not at all pretentious. It was strange to see myself portrayed as a child."

Sellers' turnaround comes just weeks after his stepmother Ekland gave the film her endorsement at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL- after initially threatening to sue its makers.

03/06/2004 13:48