The three children of late comic Peter Sellers are joining forces to star in a positive documentary on the PINK PANTHER star.

MICHAEL, SARAH and VICTORIA have agreed to speak about their famous father, who died from a heart attack in 1980, for BBC show SOMEBODY'S DAUGHTER, SOMEBODY'S SON.

Michael is angry about the forthcoming HBO (HOME BOX OFFICE) TV film THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PETER SELLERS, which stars Australian actor Geoffrey Rush as his famous parent.

Michael says, "The film is going to be full on inaccuracies, so hopefully this programme will bring some balance to what's being said.

"Thie programme is based around our recollections of being his children. It's nice to do something positive.

"The people questioning us gave interesting interviews and it was all very well researched."

The documentary's producer SAMANTHA PETERS says the show will sadden people, as Sarah explains her last contact with her father.

Peters says, "Sarah explains that the last time she spoke to her father, they had an argument after she was approached by a journalist. They didn't have a chance to make it up."

06/02/2004 13:33