The actor plays the assassinated leader's politician brother Bobby in new movie Jackie, and admits it was surreal shooting a reenactment of the 1963 funeral on the street outside the current president's home.

"We shot a couple of days in Washington, D.C. and that was one of the most surreal moments for me," he says. "Walking in front of the actual White House pretending to be Bobby Kennedy at the funeral for JFK; I just couldn't get over that.

"I was like, 'Is Obama looking out the window right now?' And if he were, what in the world would be going through his mind! We had police security."

The actor has never actually been inside the White House and he's not sure he'd want to visit the President at home.

"It feels so exclusive," he adds. "I would feel nervous in there. It's too uncomfortable. I'd rather be in a stadium full of people."