Peter Pan director PJ Hogan has slammed film giant DISNEY - accusing the company of refusing to give a percentage of the movie's royalties to a children's hospital.

The new adaptation - which stars Harry Potter AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS star JASON ISAACS - was made by a partnership including UNIVERSAL, REVOLUTION and COLUMBIA studios, who all agreed to honour late author JM BARRIE's wish to give royalties to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital.

But according to Hogan, Disney's participation in the project ended when they refused to agree to the stipulation - leading to the other companies "booting them off" the project.

Hogan fumes, "I think the other studios thought, 'How can we be in business with a company that won't give money to sick children?'

"Disney has made millions (off its animated features)."

But Disney has hit back at the claims, saying, "The primary reason the deal fell apart was due to unresolvable issues between the studios. It absolutely had nothing to do with the hospital."

12/12/2003 19:36